KENDRICK JOHNSON’s last moments in gym

KENDRICK JOHNSON's last moments in gym

Lowndes High School/Lowndes School District have decided to let the Johnsons and attorney CB King view the 7 still photographs they claim to be the only ones they are legally able to share with them.

There has been a lot of rancor lately, many more loose tongues are started to roll off things they’ve been wanting to say besides just prayers.

This photograph shows Kendrick as he enters the gym, in a halted position, staring directly to the rear corner across from him – clearly looking directly at someone or something. Since at first glance it doesn’t appear anyone is in the shot, upon closer inspection, aided with the yellow circle drawn around the area, there is the crudest suggestion that faint ghostly images of …? This is apparently a shot which has been analyzed, scrutinized, for being doctored. Since this is a hand-me-down digital photo not of the best quality, it would not be objective to say I can see anything, as much as I want to. However, I’m assuming there is more to the shot that meets our eyes in this degraded image.

The point, however, is to show that the stills have been released, only 7 – and also to show Kendrick, living, and reacting…

There is more to this story, seems like everyday. Something new, a hint of some out of nowhere clue or potential lead…

There are many things I cannot say since it would be hearsay and speculatioin, which is the only way I can with good conscious make these posts. At the same time, I would be remiss if I didn’t say to the national/international audience no doubt paying closer and closer attention to this case that there are rumors, there are even occassionally names – but not in the way you would expect. This is a tight-lipped town.

You have no idea.

For instance, watching Headline News the other night I saw a segment about a teenage girl who committed suicide after being bullied by another girl in her class on FB and I think Instagram. The girl responsible had no conscience afterwards about it and flippantly texted to a friend that she didn’t care and who were they going to pick on next?

What is different in that case is that countless students were willing to come forward and talk about how the girl had shamelessly and relentlessly harrassed the deceased girl.

Not so here. A friend from out of state who made contact through a shared interest and conviction to abide until Kendrick Johnson could finally rest and his family could begin to cope with the jarring aftermath that no doubt waits them after these many months of extreme vigilance and criticism. This new associate and I have discussed the case, since he has pored over the information circulating on the internet, diving down into the underbelly world of the godforsaken trolls who root around beneath blogs about KJ.

He lives many states away, but it keeps him up at night. He’s more disturbed than most people who live here, and I think that could be true of a lot of people from the outside looking in. Once they get a good look, they can’t believe what they’re seeing.

And by the time it’s over, they might be so agog it might take longer to regain equanimity than they’d counted on. This is not Kansas, friends from afar.

No, this is not Kansas anymore.

This story does need to be kept alive, because allowing it to stall in any way is dangerous. The bidding began in June for the renovation of the Old Gym at Lowndes High School – although in the job description for the bidding contractors it said “Band Room,” with “wooden gym floor” listed further and in smaller print.

Coincidence that they decided now to pull up that wooden floor? If there was nothing whatsoever for anyone to be worried about, they would have, had they any respect for the family, said, “No, we have to wait until after this case is in earnest put to rest. If we made an error in judgment and pulled up this floor when it could possibly have evidence – even the merest scintilla – it would be an egregious discourtesy…” No, that’s not at all how the school approached the unnecessary renovation.

This new friend from Texas was appalled when he saw photos of KJ’s grave, not understanding why he had no headstone or flowers – anything; were it not for that stainless steel marker from Harrington Funeral Home, there would be no way to tell there was a body buried there at all.

“Robin,” he told me, “he was a 3-sport athlete, and I read and heard that he was being looked at very seriously by SEC to play ball …” then he stopped and exhaled, exasperated. “Why? What’s wrong with people? It’s like they’re trying to erase any memory at all of him.”

There is always far more I could say, as always.

But I won’t. Not yet.



3 thoughts on “KENDRICK JOHNSON’s last moments in gym

  1. If u look closely it looks to have or to seems like there are shadows on the fall an it looks like there are three ppl standing there . There seem to be some one that’s dress in blue ,some one that dress in black an I’m not to sure of the other but yes look closely . An mined u if he was supposedly reaching for a shoes that’s weird cause there were if I’m not stupid if I saw it correctly there were shoes rooked up with him in that pic that’s shows his feet .sincerly mad has hell


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