MYSTERIOUS VIDEO LEFT OF KENDRICK’S MOTHER’S FACEBOOK OCT 2013 BY CELESTE CORTES”Kendrick Johnson’s Organs Ordered and Sold to Prince Camp Cartel”

As if the news that Kendrick Johnson’s organs were missing and replaced with newspaper sales ads weren’t enough, this video was left by a woman whose shaky, convicted voice suggests an almost unbearable new notion of what could have taken place.

Organ harvesting is not an obscurity, and is done in some countries with frightening frequency where the poor have no power to protect themselves from wealthy predators looking to patch up their old worn out models – or are a dealer in this black market racket which is the most disturbing possibility, something out of left field…Something even more bizarre..something that ties together loose strings but opens wide the doors for new curious traffic via the internet’s thoroughfare of information.

This part of the country is unaccustomed to being scrutinized with this kind of magnifying lens. Lt. Stryde Jones is managing to hold the front and carry out interviews, since Sheriff Prine bombed in his TV debut with CNN’s Victor Blackwell – running the news crew out before they’d gotten a single question asked in full.



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