Justice for Daisy: The Story That Turned Into a Movement

When I heard about JUSTICE FOR DAISY, it instantly reminded me of Kendrick Johnson’s story – and gave me hope for it.

Devin Elizabeth

Last week, while I was making my daily rounds of my favorite news sites, I stumbled across a Buzzfeed article about 15-year-old Daisy Coleman of Albany, Mo. Daisy’s story struck me immediately. A few paragraphs in, I found a link to a longer feature piece in the Kansas City Star by Dugan Arnett on what soon became known as the Maryville rape case.

Arnett’s story begins with a smoldering house in Maryville, Mo., the house that was once occupied by Melinda Coleman and her four children. Melinda moved her family to Maryville from Albany three years ago to leave behind the painful memories of her husband’s death and to give her three sons, Charlie, Logan, and Tristan, and daughter, Daisy, a clean slate. Arnett reported that the Colemans had an easy adjustment to Maryville. Daisy in particular had joined her high school’s cheerleading squad and a local dance team. Everything…

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