Best Friend Steps Forward in Teen Gym Mat Death Case

One story we will never forget. Thank you for telling it.

Kyle's Daily Bulletin

On January 11th of this year, the body of Kendrick Johnson was found wrapped in a gym mat in Lowndes High School, Georgia.  His death was somehow ruled accidental, as authorities said he fell head-first on the mat and became wrapped up as he died in a freak accident.  When an autopsy was performed, a private pathologist found his organs were missing and had been replaced with newspaper.

Media reports have been conflicting over what happened to Johnson’s organs, and as his family desperately fights for justice, it has become increasingly obvious that he was murdered, and it’s looking likely the high school covered up his murder.  Johnson’s best friend, Soloman Arrington has stepped forward to reveal a Facebook message he received hours after his friend was found dead.  The message read that he would “be found in a body bag.”  Amazingly, when Arrington’s mother went to police with the…

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