“There’s a Mousetrap in the House,” Reverend Floyd Rose a la George Boston Rhynes

Yesterday I met with my friend George Boston Rhynes, with whom I have become acquainted through my ongoing and studious regard of the Kendrick Johnson cover-up here in South Georgia, long a hot-bed of underbelly good-ole-boy-network corruption – ratified by studies in the last few years which determined this state to lead the pack for corruption in the U.S.

Rhynes, retired Air Force veteran, former President of the NAACP chapter here, and enduring, prolific videographer/blogger civil rights/human rights activist, has produced over 3,000 videos chronicling the grossly ignored oppression and media “white-outs” which continue to this day to keep local citizens uninformed of what’s really going on of relevance within their very own communities, neighborhoods, trusted institutions/agencies.

Rhynes revisited his friend Reverend Floyd Rose, a beloved religious and community leader in Lowndes County, who delivered an impeccable speech on MLK day.

Inexplicably, Reverend Rose has recently retracted his support of the Johnson family’s crusade for answers concerning their son Kendrick’s tragic and mystery-steeped death on the Lowndes High School’s 3,000-student campus back in January.

Rhynes was compelled to review the video of Rose’s speech and decided to amend it. While visiting a friend and watching the video as he edited it, they heard a snap – and went to investigate its source.

Watch the video to see, and understand how signs are all around us, some more visible than others.

George Boston Rhynes, thank you for your indefatigable conviction. The world is a better place with you in it.



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