Important new development in Kendrick Johnson investigation

Frederick Leatherman on Kenneth Johnson’s interview with DailyMail recently about the fight between Kendrick and another larger, senior football player who was bullying him following a lost game.

Kendrick “whooped him good,” following some yo-mama jokes, then the larger, older student allegedly shoved him and started a fight, which Kendrick took control of after escaping from a choke hold. Since the student was older, a champ wrestler and football player, it is alleged, and presumed at this point, that an ongoing resentment over the humiliating beating led to Kendrick’s death over a year later.

Both were suspended for 5 days from school, and Kendrick quit the football team because of it, his family believed. While the older student was allowed to ride home with his father, Kendrick had to ride in the police cruiser who was along as an escort for the Vikings football team.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good morning:

I have important news to pass along in the Kendrick Johnson case.

M.L. Nestel of the Daily Mail Online reported late yesterday that Kendrick’s father, Kenneth Johnson told him about a fight between Kendrick and another student that may have resulted in bad feelings and a desire for revenge. Both boys were members of the varsity football team. The other boy was a senior, a bully, and much bigger than Kendrick, who was just a freshman. The fight took place on a school bus during a ride back to school following a loss to another school.

The older boy started the fight by insulting Kendrick. This led to an exchange of escalating insults about each other’s mothers in which Kendrick kept getting the last word with his comebacks. The older boy lost his temper and attacked Kendrick attempting to put him in a headlock…

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