Kendrick Johnson: Some Things Can Never Be OK

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Nobody’s child should go to school looking great and hugging your neck and come back home to you looking like this.

I have seen dozens of photos of victims of positional asphyxia and not one – not even the worst of the worst of all examples – looked even remotely like Kendrick Johnson did when found in that mat in the Lowndes High “Old Gym,” which, by the way, has had a nice refurbishing recently.

The floor was torn up and replaced. Does anyone think this might be odd, in conjunction with other glaring red flags, like the fact none of the physical evidence was maintained in the heinously mismanaged crime scene, that his fingernails were cut to the quick – at the crime scene. (????) That he walked into a populated gym at 1:09 and 14 minutes later there was a phys ed class held in that same gym? That his body was returned to him without his clothing – and he had on a pair of jeans, a pair of b-ball shorts, boxer shorts, a belt, a tank top, a T-shirt, and a jacket…a cell phone….headphones – which I think were the only item that may have been returned, although I’m not sure. Not to mention those shoes – for heaven’s sakes, how could we forget the shoes! One pair tossed into the mat with him, shown in the crime scene photo neatly positioned next to his white-socked feet. And what of the black pair? The ones he was diving head-first in to retrieve? Why was one in one place in the gym, the other in another? Where are these physical items which were on his person? Is it really acceptable to return a child’s naked body to his parents – did they even apologize?

And the fact that his organs were missing…”from his head to his pelvis,” replaced with Black Friday and JC Penney circulars?

When I finally get the straight shot where I can sit down and write down everything in my head about this I hope it will lend something to the public perspective because at this point, if there are any more hold-outs who don’t believe this docile, good kid was brutally murdered by someone – they, in my opinion – simply have not had access to a complete enough report of the multitude of give-aways.

I’ll always respect the opinions of others, no matter what they conclude; and always encourage the feedback others have for my own opinion, criticisms, etc.

It’s frustrating not to be able to focus fully on this.


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