Strike to Neck of Kendrick Johnson the Killing Blow: Carotid Body/Vagas Nerve?

When I heard that the second autopsy report cited a blow to the neck as the cause of death, with no mention of a “broken” neck, I thought….wait….the only thing that could be…Vagas nerve. I’ve worked with The Ultimate Fighting Championship since way back in its earliest days, interviewing martial artists and wrestlers, plus I worked for Soldier of Fortune Magazine, covering a story on “The World’s Most Expensive Self-Defense Course,” which – like what I’d learned covering fighters – used Vagas nerve strikes/manipulation to overcome an opponent.

The Vagas nerve is not easy to strike since you have to know exactly where it is and how it works. When you choke a person out, however, that’s fairly self-explanatory, since you’re cutting off the blood supply to the brain through carotid. However, if the Vagas nerve was struck, deliberately, with one blow, it indicates someone who is familiar with fighting – and/or law enforcement.

Looking up training manuals for law enforcement recently I read that police are no longer allowed to use Vagas nerve manipulation/strikes – but the FBI still is.

Now I am reading Anderson’s report further from second autopsy and it seems my instincts might have been correct, which leads those of us who “know” this case, and I am convinced most of us do, then it is fairly clear what, who is responsible for Kendrick’s death.



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