Reporting Kendrick Johnson

I found this blog written by a student at Norwalk Community College for an mid-term assignment in her Digital Journalism class. As a veteran journalist, this case has had a heavy impact on my both personally and professionally – reviewing my life as a Georgian and my career as a Southern-based writer.

This perspective is unique, and what is required if this state is to bootstrap itself out of the dark ages it has been lurking for far too long to ignore anymore.

“This essay is part of my Digital Journalism mid-term,” Johana writes, in her blog. “We were to write about how a case was reported. I chose the murder of Kendrick Johnson.”

Since there is so much repetition in journalism/blogging now, finding this was of note. If students had been investigating this case from the beginning, what would the officials have done, faced with the guileless, innocent queries of minds like Johana’s?

Encouraging more blogs by students has lately been on my top priority list, so, here’s my first.

Write, Johana.

Pay attention and write. Your vision is invaluable. Spread the word and see the truth.



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