When A Story Captures Our Attention: The Unsolved Case of Kendrick Johnson and Connections to America’s History

The Teaching Factor

The holidays are times spent with family and friends. I, myself, have taken the past two weeks to spend time with my family, disconnect from the computer, reflect on the past year as I make plans and set goals for the upcoming year. I know that while I have the luxury and ability to spend time with my family, others do not. 

The week prior to going on winter holiday I was driving home from school listening to NPR only to hear a news story about a fifteen year old African American male, Kendrick Johnson, from Valdosta, Georgia who was found dead, rolled up in a cheerleading mat at his high school last January.  What is disturbing about this case is that even though there are 3,000 students attending this high school, no one has come forward with any information. And even though there is video surveillance from multiple angles…

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